Back in 1999 the acronym of PRO (for promoting), M (for money), E (for entrepreneurship) and to L (for love), L (for life), which reads Pro Mell, was founded by Malcolm D. Alexander. PROMELL was originally founded as the name for his team. A group of business partners in his 1st ever organization in the network marketing, mlm, leveraged distribution marketing, direct sales, referral marketing or whatever you want to change the name to that makes you happy situation.

Alexander is also the President and Co-founder of a successful Music/Entertainment conglomerate founded in 1991 out of the Nations Capital of Washington DC. This conglomerate is called Above and Beyond the Call Enterprises (ABCE), and just like its name implied, they pride themselves on going Above & Beyond. ABCE became widely respected for handling their business while still always helping the under-dog. This was apparent from their magazine "Straight From the Street" (entertainment & business from the street to corporate for everyone) or its Minor Football League (MFL) which houses several Football teams which are really a segway for Youth & Community Service Programs. ABCE also had a great run in their past venture into the Internet (ToLinkUs.com - To Link Us Together ISP) TV with the "Promell TV Family of Channels with OVN and their Co-Founding of the Wide-A-Wake Records Brand in 1988 with 3 time Billboard charting artist and several grammy consideration nominated jazz/R&B saxaphonist "Ski Johnson and much more.

So it just made sense that as President, Alexander would not only take a meeting, but actually listen to a stranger (broke college student) whom presented Alexander with an opportunity to make an extra $100,000 a year in a Network Marketing Company.

Although this was sort of his first true and somewhat inproper exposure to this industry, Alexander joined because the product just made sense. Alexander was shocked to be making $33,000 a month part time 11 months later just for sharing this product with other people he knew and met. Yet as most honest Networkers will tell you, after achieving the big money was forced to part ways with that company while the past company continued to reap the benefits from Alexander's hard work and contacts. {It would be one thing if these companies continued to pay you on your future revenues after you left as they always promise, but most don't.} A J.O.B. (Journey of the Broke - Jump Out Of Bed) doesn't either, but they never promised to do that, they don't even promise you long time employment. Intrigued with the concept of taking a good product or service, using word of mouth advertising and allowing below average people to create above average incomes in short periods of time. Alexander kept hoping to one day find a ethical company, with a good business model.

Always open to a good product or service, and being a somewhat sought after Network Marketer due to his past success, Alexander was constantly bombarded. A few short stints with a few companies in-which he reached top positions; Alexander even attempting to start his own networking company on his own for the second time in his business life. He had originally built his MODELING Agency in the past on a 6 level referral marketing concept without even knowing that that was in-fact a major industry of itself. Being a Venture Capitalist as well, Alexander even bought an internet company (ToLinkUs/now Yourwebstuff.com) which at one time had formed a department that researched companies and informed an interested client base of the good and the bad of each home based business company. This company also taught you how to evaluate a company for yourself, and what to look for while incorporating its own network marketing division.

It was during these experiences that Alexander was presented with a Travel Network Marketing Company that's moto was "If It Ain't Right Don't Do It, And If It Ain't True Don't Say It" which fit his idea of ethics he thought even in the cut throat business world. Yet even though it appeared a good company, Alexander was not completely sold because it was still in the back of his mind that this could still be just talk. He did immediatly purchase the product because like many great companies out there, it just made sense. Yet after attending the Convention, meeting the owners, and when they added Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Guarantees for income and a legal document that protected you from the company messing over you (eventually this document was dismantled), Alexander decided to really work this industry again and see what happened. Well again he achieved the top and this time made it to multiple 7 figures for a 17 year part time run. Yet then the stigma of the industry reared its ugly head again. Greed, Owners that change, and people with their own selfish agendas so the company and Alexandes hard work for his children came tumblinhg down. MORAL OF THE STORY: Although these companies can be great, these companies are stepping stones, never put your eggs in one basket and TRUST YOU not Others! You are "THE WINNING TOOL"   


Alexander again hit the top, he helped others hit the top, he created that long sought after 6 figure residual income, purchased his dream cars and homes all within three years and he became that self-made millionaire before 40; a GOAL of his. He even met his gorgeous wife in the business and started an incredible family.


So with his experience and success in traditional business as well as in network marketing Alexander decided to do as he always does, and tell the 'Blunt Honest Truth to help others" succeed. As long as they are doing the opposite of the 95% of the masses, they should be okay. 1% of the masses get wealthy, 4% become financial independent (this top 5% are all business owners), 28% go back to work, and the rest are dead or dead broke by 65 years old; where do you want to be?


So Alexander remains a part of a network marketing company that works for him (maybe not for you), a owner of a product that just makes sense, a traditional business owner that runs, buy's and sells companies as a Venture Capitalist, BUT MOST OF ALL HE Wants YOU too to succeed in some form of business. That is why he started PROMELL Wealth in 2008 to help YOU do it. If you want to join him or not that's Great! If you have your own thing, Great! If you are in another Business, Great! Just as long as you WIN! And PROMELL Wealth would like to help you do it faster, easier, and most of all with someone telling you the TRUTH!!


So.......1) Learn the concepts that took Alexander to the top
a)in Traditional Business
b)in Network Marketing
c)in Life

Check out www.thewinningtool.com 


2) Let Alexander Coach & Mentor YOU
a) to save you time
b) to save you money

c) to save you frustration


and 3) Get it from a Third Party that will tell you the "Blunt Honest Truth" because he wants you to win. WHY? Why Not? We can all be wealthy together and then you too will hopefully invest in those to follow you too! Alexanders ultimate goal is to invest $100,000 a year into 100 different entrepreneurs. If their businesses flourishes with the help of Alexander's money then they all win, and if not then they owe Alexander NOTHING! Remember "Help People Get What They Want, and You Will get Everything That You Want"!

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