PRO moting M oney E ntrepreneurship and to L ove L ife!


"You can't make it in life without love , and one can't make it in the world without money, and that means entrepreneurship . I formed PROMELL as a Wealth Building Team in 1999 and it took on a mind of its own. Or should I say as I learned the principles of creating wealth, my mind grew and so did my vision. PROMELL is now a worldwide recognized Brand of the company Above and Beyond the Call Enterprises or ABCE which umbrellas The PROMELL Company.


Team PROMELL – is a Network Marketing Organization that has created 6 figure earners like bee's to honey and produces revenues of millions a year. Because UNITY is the key, Team PROMELL created along with local Leaders in the District of Columbia, Maryland & Virgina area the DMVUnited.com brand. This is the nucleus of the Network Marketing team of crossline leaders which includes the #1 area in the #1 company in the Network Marketing Industry. 


PROMELL Wealth is a Coaching Company which allows serious individuals to be coached in the psychologies to succeed in Traditional Business as well as Network Marketing by self-made Millionaire, Malcolm Douglas Alexander and his team of Million Dollar Mentees to heights you only once dreamed.  


Then there was the PROMELL TV Family of Channels Network in conjunction with OVNTV and ABCE which brought you the 1st in Internet Television. Although this venture was sold, many of you will remember  "Lifestyles of the Rich and Real" with PROMELL'S Founder Malcolm D. Alexander as host. You can see the first ever version of this show below.


Mell-Mall – all the things needed for you to look good, spell good, but most of all things to help you succeed!


Boys2Men "Growing Up With Purpose" (formally know as PROMELL's Kidspram) – Promotes, don't set your children up to fail. Go to school, get good grades, and then do your own thing! Sounds different, but that is what the wealthy teach their kids and most of us were taught something different. Come on a Journey as 15 year old Sammy, 6 year old Malcolm II, 4 year old Mason and 2 year old Myles grows up in the world of money as they are taught to make it while being responsible so that they will also be able to keep it as an adult. Plus we can help you with DIRECTION 2 CONNECTION!!



MommyWay - "The Way Your Mom Used To Do It, But For Less"  After dropping our grocery bill $800 per month and our gas bill $400 per month we decided it was time to share the secret with you. Can you imagine buying $135 worth of groceries and only paying $5. How about spending $.65 cents a gallon to fill up your car with gas? Alittle couponing, a little skill, and a lot of knowledge and we can help you do this too. 

More to COME…..

For more on PROMELL spend some time cruising our site and I hope you enjoy the journey. Remember its okay to be wealthy as long as you take someone with you!



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