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As my moto say's "You Can't Make it in Life Without Love & One Can't Make it in the World Without Money & that Means Entrepreneurship." That is important for you to understand in-order for me to Coach you.


1) To be successful in anything you must 1st Love Yourself; so that means you must love


2) Then don't let anyone fool you into thinking that you don't need money to succeed. Bibles cost money, non-profits beg for money, the necessities of food, shelter, and clothing all cost money. Without money you can't bless yourself let alone others! Helping Others – A KEY TO Financial Prosperity


3) Journey Of the Broke, Just Over Broke, or where I live, Jump Over the Beltway some call a JOB! Go to school, get good grades and get a good Job with Benefits to live the American Dream. But no one told us the truth that financially the Dream ends up a Nightmare on that system. I want to help set you and your generations to come Financially FREE; through the ONLY way; Free Enterprise or Entrepreneurship.


If you're willing to be Coachable, Teachable, and Trainable and commit to yourself for a 4 - 5 year journey that will be hard, I can assure you that it will become worth it! Think of it as college, you are investing in your future, but able to make money along the way. Yet when you graduate you have no loans, but live on the other side of money!


If that is you call me and I would be honored to help you Design Your Future.



We have several monthly packages for Coaching from a basic $29.95 per month, to our most common $99 per month as well as a $500 per month to the ultimate $5000 per quarter.


We also have custom packages we can design as well as Marketing & Promotional monthly or one time packages for individuals or businesses. Due to our many contacts and relationships we can often customize a package for you through our affilates and/or in-house servics that will fit your specific needs. Please set up an appointment with one of our Coach's and we shall design something that works for you. 

EVERYONE Needs a Mentor,

Malcolm D. Alexander sits with

his! "Coach J Loyd Tomer", The Mentor

that Coached him to Millionaire! 

"Coach" Tomers List of Millionaire Mentee's!! (bottom left - Alexander)
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